Other Works is a craft influenced design company whose work spans architecture, interior, furniture and object design. 

Our ethos is beautiful utility. We understand the natural flow of spaces in order to create harmonious connections between objects, spaces and people. 

From inception to delivery, every project is a chance for us to create unique experiences that reflect our clients' vision and best serve the users of the space. 

We approach each project as a collaboration between the client, Other Works and the makers, using the brief as a springboard for research into creating designs that are stylistically and materially embedded within a place. 

Harnessing our ability to work at a variety of different scales, we often use projects as a way to become a part of the making process by designing and making bespoke furniture ourselves. 

Pippa Murray

Pippa has a lifelong passion for furniture. An interior architect by training, she completed a Masters in Design Products at London’s Royal College of Art before completing an apprenticeship with traditional Cumbrian craftsmen at Danny Frost Timber. Since 2010 Pippa has been her running her own company, producing bespoke furniture from sustainable timber. Pippa’s approach is hands-on: creating the story of each piece involves her taking clients on a journey from sawmill to sketchbook to studio.


Rhianon Morgan-Hatch

Rhianon is a trained Architect, gaining a Masters at London’s Royal College of Art. Since starting out on her architectural path she has been eager to learn more about the whole process of architecture from conception and design to implementation of the buildShe has been down an inspiring path, working alongside a number of carpenters and craftspeople for a number of years, absorbing a broad knowledge of design and making at different scales. It is this understanding that makes Rhianon a vital player within Other Works, collaborating with talented and passionate people to co-create every single element of a project.


Simon Lamason

With a career spanning both design strategy and making, Simon fuses a broad understanding of creative processes with technical expertise. An industrial designer by background, trained by the Victoria University in Wellington NZ, Simon is attuned to the complex relationship between form and function.  Having spent nearly a decade as a senior product designer for global communications companies, he became a consultant design strategist before seizing the chance to get back in the studio as part of Other Works. When it comes to design, he knows both what will work and what will look good.